teens4good is the brainchild of Kansas City teenager Corbin Healy. Corbin is a fourteen year-old eighth grade student at Summit Christian Academy in Lee’s Summit, Missouri (a suburb of Kansas City). Corbin was only in the third grade when he planned and conducted his first fundraiser. One of Corbin’s classmates had cystic fibrosis and Corbin wanted to help. Selling candy bars at a local grocery store, he was able to raise approximately $600. Since then Corbin has attended several mission trips and has participated in various community service projects.

In the summer of 2012 one of Corbin’s teachers selected him to attend a People to People leadership ambassador program at Stanford University. There, Corbin was challenged and inspired to make a difference in the world.  Corbin envisions joining with his peers and tapping into their natural energy and enthusiasm to inspire other teens to become active leaders in their communities, to help raise awareness and find solutions for various social issues. This vision has become the Mission of teens4good.



teens4good plans to raise money and awareness for charitable needs. Specific fundraisers and events will also be planned and carried out by Corbin and a team of volunteers.



teens4good also plans to perform service-related projects, such as food drives, gardens for the homeless, community beautification, and other ventures. Such projects will involve teens who will hopefully become inspired to cultivate and grow their commitment to making the world a better place.